Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Amazing Business Building Conference!

Last month I went to an amazing business building conference on the East Coast led by Fabienne Fredrickson called the Get More Clients Workshop.  The conference had so much great content that is helping my main current business (A Mother's Haven) and also it helped me to launch my new coaching business (MultiPassionate Coaching).  In addition, it was a great way to network and meet with other entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their businesses - I made such great connections at the workshop!

Fabienne is now making the Get More Clients Workshop available on DVD & CD as a workshop-in-a-box!  Even though I was at the workshop, I'm still planning on getting the workshop-in-a-box because there was so much amazing content that I know I didn't get everything the first time.  (Also I think there's probably some shots of me dancing!  Fabienne always has everyone get up and dance at her workshops!)

Right now Fabienne is doing a free video training series giving away some of the basic ideas from the workshop, and at the end of the video series, she's going to have the Get More Clients Workshop-in-a-Box for sale - probably at a great deal!  I would highly recommend getting the workshop no matter what kind of business you own - you always need more clients!  :-)

You can check out the free video training series videos on this website here - and make sure you keep watching until the end so that you can get in on the great deal on the Get More Clients Workshop-in-a-Box.

I'm so happy that I went to Fabienne's workshop!  :-)

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