Sunday, May 1, 2011

Consistency Experiments - Week 2

My first week of my consistency experiments went pretty well!  So I am continuing with some new experiments!

Week 2 Experiments - Every day this week, I will...
1) Wake up an hour earlier than I normally do and get stuff done!  I'm not usually an early riser, although lately I've been naturally waking up a little bit earlier, but not really being productive during that time.  So this week I will try on being a productive morning person!  In my new found free hour, I will continue with my stretch&move experiment.   I will also journal and plan out my day.

2) Continue my daily reading.  I'm really enjoying the learning and the variety of reading part of a different book each night.  So I'm going to continue this experiment, although the requirement this week is 30+ min per day.  Getting in a full hour this past week meant turning down or cutting short some other things that I also wanted to be doing (social get-togethers, etc)

3) Tidy up my apartment for at least half an hour.  Between my store and everything else I'm trying to do in my life, I haven't been very good lately about keeping my apartment looking presentable.  So going to change that!  :-)

4) Eat over 80 grams of protein, preferably meat!  I have an overall goal to eat more paleo (although I haven't been very good about it lately).  So rather than focusing on what I can't have (grains, etc), I'm going to focus on the good stuff that I want to consume more of.  The one metric that I'm going to focus on this week is getting more protein!

5) Brush my teeth with my left hand.  It's kinda silly & random, but I read somewhere that brushing with your non-dominant hand can increase will-power.  Whether or not that's true, I'll grow some new brain connections!

Good luck with whatever goals & habits you're working on!

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